We're growing food and fibre for a sustainable world.

We have ambitious dreams that agriculture in the future will adopt a mix of traditional farming techniques and modern methods to cater to the needs of India's farmers.

We partner India's farmers in knowledge, support them with modern tools and expose them to newer and sustainable methods to produce nutritious, plentiful food and abundant fibre.

Working together toward
a brighter future.

We’ll be the first to admit, our goals are ambitious. Growing enough food for all, using resources more sustainably – all in an effort to overcome the challenges nature throws at farmers and our food systems. We know it’s a tall order, and we all need to work together to achieve these solutions. That’s why we partner and collaborate with farmers and organizations around the world.

We have recently joined The World Business Council for Sustainable Development to further boost our efforts towards a sustainable world for all. We are working with the Agriculture department of the State of Punjab on a crop diversification project which aims to help farmers transition from water intensive paddy cultivation to Corn and other water efficient crops.

We partner with multiple NGO's accross the country to help mitigate rural hunger, provide access to sanitation and clean drinking water, improve education levels of children in primary government schools and help farmers adopt sustainable agricultural practices. We support NGO's working with farmers and farm families to not only adopt modern and progressive agricultural practices in their fields but also adopt sustainable livelihoods.

Through our corporate responsibility programs - SHARE and DISHA, we partner with reputed organizations like Akshaya Patra, Room to Read, Habitat for Humanity, Action for Food Production (AFPRO), Indian Society of Agribusiness Professionals (ISAP), Deshkal Society, and the Jaldhara Foundation in these efforts accross the country.