Battling Hunger Globally

By Monsanto

Since the early days of humans hunting for food, mankind has left no stone unturned to feed himself. But with a growing population and an increasing shortage of arable land, they had to evolve from hunter-gatherers to farmers to help meet the ever-increasing demand for food. Fast forward to today, and farming practices have definitely evolved, but hunger continues to plague millions of families around the globe.

The amount of arable land available per capita has dropped by nearly 44% in the past half a century itself. This is the combined effect of a growing population and shrinking agricultural land.

We’re now left with only 2.3% of the world’s surface area on which to grow crops. This land is extremely vital to the survival of the human race, since almost all of mankind’s nutrition comes from that tiny sliver of land.

Despite these steep odds, global agricultural output has risen almost every year since the 1960s. This has been through a combination of sustainable agricultural practices and an infusion of modern technology in the agri-industry. We’re now producing more crop per acre of land than ever before.

We’ve also alerted ourselves to the growing concern of climate change and rapidly depleting resources on our planet. Sustainable farming practices are helping us use these resources in the best way while feeding the world.

But we still have a long way to go and newer challenges to face.

Today, over 900 million people go hungry each day, a number that may just increase with the population forecasted to cross 9.7 billion by 2050. We need to produce a lot more food, much faster than before.

Achieving Sustainability

Sustainability is a word we constantly hear buzzing around us, but achieving sustainability is easier said than done. The United Nations has identified 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) with specific targets set for each one. The second SDG is to end world hunger in the next 15 years. This is what we at Monsanto are working towards every day.

Our Global Sustainability Lead & Strategic Advisor – Food and Agriculture Partnerships, Gabriela Burian shares Monsanto’s approach towards SDG 2 which focuses on hunger:

Source: Radar Magazine

In this fight against hunger, no individual must be left behind. It is up to each and every one of us to join this battle and contribute in every little way possible. Food is every individual’s basic right, and with shrinking farmland, we must make every crop count.

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