Bringing Light to Children’s Lives

By Monsanto


In mid-June 2013, a multi-day cloudburst caused devastating floods in Uttarakhand, uprooting the lives of thousands of families. Among the areas affected was a small village by the name of Bagasudhar in the district of Tehri. The disastrous floods tore down several buildings; one of them was Government Inter College (GIC). The damage was so bad that all schooling activities had to come to a complete halt.

Schooling is one of the most important aspects of a child’s life. Every educated child brings us a step closer to building a brighter future for the country. Here the education of over 300 students was at stake. So we partnered with Habitat for Humanity and began re-building the school.

Over the next three years, we re-built this school on one of the most difficult terrains in India. The sheer valleys of Uttarakhand are prone to landslides and have narrow winding roads hugging steep mountainsides. Today, we’re proud to say, a two-storey school stands in the same place and can even accommodate an additional 150 children.


The school was inaugurated on Teacher’s Day this year and brought the light of education into the lives of families who live in and around Bagasudhar. GIC’s new building is constructed over 6,217 square-feet and comprises requisite number of classrooms, sanitation facilities and computer infrastructure to educate over 500 children in a safe and healthy atmosphere.

At Monsanto, we want to encourage each and every one to do what they can in helping educate the children of our country. Education is not just a basic right, but also a powerful tool to help uplift the lives of individuals, society and the country at large. The nation must continue to strive in this direction till every last child receives the education he or she deserves.

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