Celebrating Life – Tap a Vein to Save Lives

By Monsanto

Aptly hailed as the ‘Drop of Life’, thousands of lives are saved every day by the noble act of donating blood. Every year, millions of people contribute to this cause by tapping a vein. Despite this, our country faces a shortage of over 1.1 million units of blood in a year. Interestingly, surveys conducted so far always hint to the fact that we are willing to donate blood. But when it comes to reality it is only  about 1% of all eligible donors in India who donate blood – a shockingly low number. So, what is causing this shortfall?

Someone must be donating, then, why should I?

It is estimated that one of the more common reasons for not donating is that donors consider their blood type to be too common. But here’s some news for you – in our country, we are short of every single blood type.

What if I get weak due to regular blood donation?

Some people even donate once and feel that they will not be able to donate again so quickly. Or, they fear a weakness will set in due to continued lack of blood. We’ve got news for you too – you can donate blood every 3 months, and there will be no ill effects whatsoever! Not to mention, your body produces a lot of blood and quickly replaces the donated blood within just 24 hours. So cast aside those worries and go donate again.

Ouch, it hurts and infects!

A fear which most of us haven’t overcome – needles. Remember those dreaded days of polio vaccinations? The fright is persistent among a lot of us.

Worst, it is now doubled with the increased fear of using infected needles that might lead to various blood transmittable diseases. Many of us feel that these blood camps don’t follow proper regulated hygiene policies.  However, be assured all the authorized blood camps follow strict blood transfusion standard as per WHO guidelines. So go ahead and tap yourself.

Myth Busting by Nandigama and Hyderabad team of Monsanto

Blood donation has several myths around it and the only way to get more blood donors is to ensure everyone is aware about the finer details of blood donation. To achieve this, our Nandigama team educated the locals on how donating blood is perfectly safe. They even encouraged locals to help save precious lives through a blood donation camp and also educated them on the benefits of doing so.

Along with them, our Hyderabad team also conducted a Blood donation drive in which 61 people participated. The initiative helped children suffering from thalassemia – a genetic disorder wherein a person requires blood transfusion once in every 21 days.

One drop saves one life – World Blood Donor Day

It is essential that each of us not just donates blood, but also keeps donating regularly. A single unit of blood could mean the difference between life and death for a patient somewhere. All we need is the willingness to donate.

On this World Blood Donor Day, go to your nearest blood bank or a donation camp and donate blood. And don’t just stop at that, but ensure that you encourage those around you to do the same. Together, we can help decrease the shortage of blood that India faces today. For each of us who taps a vein, remember that there is somebody out there who will be eternally grateful.

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