What is the difference between a Hybrid seed and a GMO Seed?

The main difference is the process used to create the seed. 
Hybrid seeds are created by traditionally breeding together two different plants to create a third new plant, known as a hybrid. An example is the Honeycrisp apple, developed through the University of Minnesota’s apple breeding program. Honeycrisp is a hybrid produced by breeding two different apples to create a new, crisper and juicier type of apple. 

A GMO seed is made when scientists take a beneficial trait from one living thing and adapt that trait to a new plant. For example, by adding two genes to a rice plant, rice is able to collect beta-carotene in its grains. Scientists and humanitarians believe this new type of rice, called Golden Rice, can increase Vitamin A in people’s diets, helping to prevent childhood blindness; check out more about the Golden Rice Project. 

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