Meet Goda

By Monsanto

Goda Krishna
Operations Lead
MRC, Bangalore


What is the one thing that has changed after you started working for Monsanto?

After spending about a year at MRC, Bangalore and getting to know what safety means to Monsanto, it has started running in my blood. Hazard recognition, trips slips & falls while working on site and outside has become a habit.

Is there any incident that you recall which you could handle better due to the values you picked up at work?

It was one of those days, when I visited a local supermarket to buy groceries and was going around looking at things, I observed that a price tag holder attached to a sharp metal rod had fallen across the vegetable tray and it could have injured anyone passing by. People while walking around either avoided it or looked at it and continued to shop. However, looking at the sharp metal and recognizing it as a potential hazard, I called the store manager and communicated to him that this is a safety hazard and requested him to remove the metal holder immediately.

Why don’t you share a proud moment you experienced as an employee?

It was the same instance- I had just finished my conversation with the manager, when an elderly lady who was standing right behind me smiled and said, “You must be from Monsanto”. I was quite surprised and asked her as to how she knew that. To my question, the lady replied, “My son also works for Monsanto in the U.S and he also talks about doing things safely and I appreciate the importance of hazard recognition and hence guessed that you could also be from Monsanto.” She walked away while I was standing there thinking what a fantastic global value our company has been able to impregnate not only amongst the employees but to their families also. It was a proud moment for me and shared this experience with my family and my colleagues.

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