Mother Earth Day – Living in Harmony

By Monsanto

Sustainable agriculture is not something most people think about in their day to day lives. But it is something that impacts each and every individual on our planet as it can play a significant role in shaping the future of “Mother Earth”

For millennia, we have relied on “Mother Earth” for all our needs – be it for survival or comfort. The little blue planet we all call home has been a source of shelter and nourishment for us all. But with depleting resources such as fresh water, arable land and forests, we must all pause to consider how we can grow our food sustainably.

Our rapidly increasing population and dwindling natural resources have reached a point where we now need to be concerned about the future of mankind. Now is the time for us to live in harmony with “Mother Earth”. We can no longer consume resources inefficiently or wastefully. The only future we can attempt to have is a sustainable one.

Farmers around the world can be the drivers of this change. With advances in technology and their application in the field of agriculture, we can consume less resources and mitigate destruction of the environment while growing food for all of mankind. Let us explore how with modern agriculture we can conserve “Mother Earth’s” two most valuable resources – water and land.


Almost 90% of all fresh water in India is consumed by agriculture. Most farmers simply flood their fields with fresh water to irrigate their crops using much more of this precious resource than necessary.

With technologies such as micro and drip irrigation, just the right amount of water is delivered straight to the roots of plants through a series of pipes that regulate the flow of water. Employing such technologies can help save almost 70% of the water used in irrigation – a significant amount indeed.


Apart from preventing deforestation, efficient usage of existing agricultural land can also help small and marginal farmers make the most of their farmland. Many farmers today use broadcast planting, where they scatter the seeds across the land causing plants to grow clumped together or too far apart. Plants then tend to battle it out for resources such as water, minerals and sunlight. Eventually, some of them die out of starvation.

Technologies such as precision seed spacing, drip-fertigation and no-till farming work together to help each plant grow well on existing farmland without destroying the soil. With the right amount of spacing between the plants and adequate nutrition, plants grow to their full extent.

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Combining these technological advances with the development of high-yielding seed varieties, farmers stand to gain a bountiful harvest from the same amount of farmland. This sure sounds like a win-win for farmers and “Mother Earth” alike. We think it’s a step in the right direction to living in harmony.

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