Van Mahotsav – Rooting for Sustainability

By Monsanto

Forests are the key resources to build a sustainable future for our planet – the vision of K.M. Munshi, Founder of the Annual Tree Planting Movement in India. For the last 68 years, this humble festival has grown into a nation-wide movement, which has resulted in people planting millions of saplings across the country every year.

But what links forest with sustainability? Let’s find out:

Forests – the lungs of planet Earth

Being the largest source of green cover across the world, it is no surprise that forests play a key role in keeping the atmospheric carbon dioxide in check. Despite them taking up only 2% of Earth’s surface, forests alone produce roughly one- third of the earth’s oxygen. They also contribute significantly to carbon sequestration into the soil, enhancing its fertility.

Safe-house of biodiversity

Forests are home to about 11% of plant diversity and also house a vast majority of the planet’s terrestrial species. Together, they create a rich source of biological diversity, which is essential to sustain life on planet Earth and feed humanity.

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Trees contribute to agriculture and food

In addition to increasing forest cover, trees also play a vital role in agriculture. Their foliage acts as a shade to sensitive plants during the scorching heat. A tree’s deep boring roots help pull out nutrition from the lower levels of soil which smaller plants are unable to reach for. There are also several trees which bear delicious fruits, that are essential for our nutritional needs.

How can we protect trees?

Unsustainable agricultural practices, along with rapid urbanization have contributed greatly to the reduction of earth’s forest cover. . Now, more than ever, it is important for the agriculture industry to adopt newer, sustainable practices which will help conserve our forests.

Through modern agriculture we can maximize yields while optimally consuming our limited resources such as land and water, thus saving our forests. By combining precision farming with high yielding hybrids, we can produce more from every acre of existing farmland and help meet mankind’s growing needs.

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Our forests are a source of life for our planet. With an ever increasing scarcity of land and other resources, forests are the first to be chopped down – endangering millions of species, including ours. By working together, we can protect our forests and even help them grow – building a greener, sustainable future for planet Earth.

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