Helping to Stop Child Labor in India

By Monsanto Corporate Engagement

The use of child labor is a systemic problem throughout India. Monsanto’s Child Care Program (CCP) Steering Committee oversees efforts to monitor our business partners’ fields in India to help stop child labor; this includes removing any child laborers younger than the legal age limit of 14 and encouraging parents to enroll these children in school.

One of the ways Monsanto helps to put a stop to instances of child labor in India is through our our Model Village designation, a title awarded to communities with at least 50 farmers or 16 production hectares that have had no child labor observed by the CCP monitoring during the season. As an incentive and in recognition, Monsanto provides in-kind donations to schools in every model village. In 2015, 22 out of 31 eligible villages earned model village status.

Another way we work to stop child labor in India is through our Social Mobilizer program. Social Mobilizers are women trained in social work, who we hire to follow up on reported instances of child labor and meet with farmers, families, women’s groups, school officials and local leaders to promote the benefits of sending children to school rather than the fields.

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