The Nourishment of Motherhood

By Monsanto

To a mother, nothing is more important than the health and well-being of her children and family. Every mother constantly thinks about her child’s nutrition and gives paramount importance to what her child eats.

Each of us have relied on our mothers for our nutrition. Whether it be the nine months safely enclosed in her womb or the many years after that, our mothers have always been our source of nourishment and growth. At times, we’ve even asked her for our favourite dish on a Sunday afternoon which she would happily offer on occasion.

Only a mother can find the right balance of protein, fat, veggies and fibre, ensuring her child eats a wholesome meal that is both healthy and tasty. She picks out only the freshest of produce to use in her dishes by waking up early and heading to the market. At Monsanto, we’re constantly working to help mothers gain access to that produce.

By developing high quality seeds, we aid farmers across India in growing crops that can resist diseases and produce higher yields. By working with farmers, agronomists, nutritionists and scientists, we aim to provide each and every individual the adequate nutrition he or she requires.

Even mothers at Monsanto deserve recognition as it is through their hard work that not only their families, but families across the world have access to well-balanced meals. Here is what mothers at Monsanto have to say about motherhood and nutrition:

“Nutrition is all about having the right amount of food at the right time without compromising on the quality. Being a mother, I give more thought to what I feed my children. One of the most important aspects of providing the best nutrition for children is about finding the right balance of what they prefer eating, and what is actually good for their growing body and age.
An advantage of working at a company like Monsanto is that I have started having a better understanding of agriculture and the food industry. This helps me better converse with my children about where their food comes from – from the farm to fork.”
Madhuwanti Kale, India Controller – Credit & Treasury, Monsanto

“To me, adequate nutrition means good health. The key to living a good life is achieving good health and well-being.  If our health is not okay then the world tends to look a bit darker. That is why people say ‘Health is Wealth’.  Hence, I strive to ensure good food at home for my child and my family by eating as healthy as possible.
I’ve always considered Monsanto to be my second home and my colleagues to be a part of my family.  What I have achieved today is because of my mentors, colleagues and the culture of Monsanto. It has also given me an in-depth perspective about food, nutrition and how it ties back to experiencing a better life.”
Latha Amin, Assistant Manager – Corporate Law, Monsanto

To every mother out there, let us take this opportunity to let you know – you’re awesome! Through your love, support and affection, you make this world a brighter place.

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