Living in Sync with Nature

By Monsanto

Urban areas in our country have evolved into towering structures of concrete and tarmac. Across the globe, the fact that our natural ecosystem is continuously dwindling is a major cause of concern. However, the rising adoption of urban farming holds the potential to mitigate this drastic change in cities and bring back some of the greenery that has been lost due to rapid growth and development.

So what is Urban Farming?

Simply put, urban farming is the practice of cultivating plants in an urban environment. Despite the limited space that is available in congested metros, there are numerous opportunities to cultivate plants. Balconies, terraces, backyards and many other areas prove extremely useful to grow plants. While these may not be enough to feed the entire populace of the city, they definitely play an important role in making it a much greener place to live.

Vertical Farming: raising the bar

Vertical farming is a key practice that is gaining increasing importance in urban areas. Cities have plenty of vertical surfaces that remain unused – such as flyover pillars, building walls, compound walls, barricades, Using specially crafted containers tacked to these surfaces, plants can be grown in a vertical layout. This not only increases access to fresh produce in cities, but also brightens up the place!


Urban areas are short on not just land area, but also on fertile soil. This is where hydroponics plays an important role. Hydroponics involves dissolving all the necessary nutrients which a plant needs to grow into a water-based solvent. This solvent can then be used to grow plants in sand, gravel or any other inert medium that supports the roots of the plant. Apart from growing plants in a resource-scarce environment, hydroponics has a whole host of other benefits:

Our cities are growing as opportunities continue to increase, but should we let this growth impact the ecology of plants. Through innovation in urban agriculture, we can build greener cities.

This World Environment Day, let us work towards creating a greener, more sustainable urban environment which is at one with nature.

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