Women of the Soil

By Monsanto

International Women’s Day – a day when everyone across the globe is celebrating the role played by women in their lives, be it mothers, daughters, friends or colleagues. On this special day, let us take a moment to celebrate the women who feed the world – the #WomenInAg.

Over 70% of the agricultural workforce comprises of women. They are an important cog in the wheel for the agriculture sector and it is through their efforts that each one of us have access to nutritious meals every day. In the spirit of Women’s Day, here are some of the ways women contribute to furthering India’s agriculture:

The Innovator

Whether it be sowing, tending or harvesting, women contribute on the farm at every stage. With the advent of modern agriculture, women farmers form self-help groups in villages and up-skill themselves to employ the best practices on their farms. She is the true innovator.

The Multitasker

Throughout the agriculture industry, women contribute to growing food in more ways than one. From engineers to researchers, from cultivators to labourers, women can be seen driving the growth in this sector. In developing nations, women work almost 13 hours longer than men in the field, a feat which is no less than remarkable!

The Influencer

Women today are influencing the trends in farming.

Independence through financial empowerment is allowing women farmers to take key decisions on the best growth paths for their farms and their livelihoods. Many women are now equally involved in all aspects of agriculture, be it crop selection to land preparation, seed selection, planting, pest control, harvesting, crop storage, handling, marketing, and processing of agriculture produce.

Here’s to all the women in agriculture from us at Monsanto. It is because of you that the nation moves.

“To awaken the people, it is the women who must be awakened. Once she is on the move, the family moves, the village moves, the nation moves”
– Jawaharlal Nehru

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